Sunday Shorts | Life with Nika

“I’m excited, exclaimed Nika, I am so very excited!”

“Why are you so excited, Nika?” her friend asked.

Nika was grinning from ear to ear. She could hardly contain herself.

“Well, she began, I’m excited that it’s almost Spring. I’m excited the days are getting longer and warmer. I’m excited the flowers are starting to bloom, and the air smells so clean and fresh. Most of all, I’m super-excited to spend more time with Miss Z?”

“Who’s Miss Z?” asked Nika’s friend.

Nika went on to describe her very best friend in the whole world, Miss Z.

“Miss Z is almost 19 years old. She was born in April of 2001. She’s a Canadian. Seriously, that’s the breed of horse that she is, a Canadian. Did you know, it is said that the Canadian Horse is capable of generating ‘more power per hundred pounds of body weight than any other horse breed.’ Isn’t that cool?”

“I think being excited is one of the coolest ways you can be,” Nika said with a grin. “Excited about life and all that is life. We have so much to explore in this adventure, so many memories to share and days to create. I can not wait! I can not wait. Life is such an adventure. I hope you will join me each Sunday as we walk through this adventure together. What are YOU most excited about right now?”

Sunday Shorts is a creative project dedicated to girls ages 8-14 or somewhere in that range. It will start as a blog series, most of which I’ll likely create a short audio clip of so our audience will have a choice of reading or listening or both. In time, my goal is for the Sunday Shorts series to become a mini-film series.

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