THE WHOLE TEAM | It’s not dodge ball, it’s life.

Do you remember picking teams in grade school?

Maybe it was for baseball, soccer, floor hockey, or perhaps dodge ball, standing in a group of girls and boys waiting to be picked for a co-ed team.

Do you remember? What do you remember?

Let me tell you what I remember.

  • Male A-players would get picked first with clear, easy decisions.
  • Followed by the second-tier of boys who could hold their own. Some indecision was evident around whether a less athletically adept boy player was a smarter pick than even the most skilled girl. Invariably, the former was the repeated choice before any girls where chosen.
  • Finally, the most awkward part of the entire process – the end. A small group of ‘last picks’ remained. Slowly but surely they too would be chosen as if measuring out how detrimental each one might be to a team.

The process absolutely infuriated me. As one of the girls in the middle tier, I knew full well that I could run, throw and dodge just as well if not better than a good number of the boys. Yet I was passed by and picked over until I not only proved myself over – and over – and over – and over again, but also until I started to call them out on it.

I began to verbally question their decision-making process.

And I’m doing it again. This is life. It’s not dodge ball, but sometimes I feel like we’re back to that same decision-making methodology.

Every player brings a set of diverse, unique strengths. We may not all play the same way, but make no mistake, our tactics are effective and powerful. Only bench time is needed for you to fully realize all that we can contribute.

As someone who has spent almost two decades working closely with high-performing women and female athletes, I must ask you: Are you interested or committed to mobilizing a WHOLE team?

If the answer is committed, then start here:

  • Engage me. Show me the game plan. Involve me. Ensure I see a clear path of possibility and where I am on it.
  • Ask me. Stay clear of assumptions. Encourage my questions and input.
  • See me. See it for ALL of who I am and ALL of who I can be. Allow me to fully step into that.
  • Celebrate me. Acknowledge me. Recognize my contributions, and mean it.
  • Trust me. And if you really want to fully activate my super-powers, trust me. The more you do, the more I’ll trust you in return. Full circle.

Let’s elevate the conversation. It’s not about ‘the girls vs the boys‘.

The higher level of conversation and solutions waiting to be explored begin by building The WHOLE Team.


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About Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 20+ years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.