To LIFT or Be LIFTED, that is the question

Are you craving more buoyancy in your life?

More lightness as you lead? Go to where you are LIFTED.

A higher level of how we live, love and lead is possible.

We can do better, and we must. This is about the how.

“…We need to dare to be uncomfortable.

We need to dare to be brave enough to say and do things that may not increase our profits or our popularity.

Because otherwise, we won’t stand a chance.

~ Greta Thunberg

We are operating at 15% of our full capacity as humans and as leaders. I believe just 15%. To (even) double that number is going to take a dramatic shift in our thinking, an evolution of our perspective, and an openness to say and do things differently as Greta Thunberg urges. Where do we begin?

Go to where you feel LIFTED, to where you feel LIGHT. Feel that.

I feel lifted in my closest relationship.

Anyone who knows my husband, Ben, knows that he is my Rock. With him, I feel incredibly safe, supported. With him, I feel home.

I feel lifted in my relationships with my mastermind groups.

I am lucky enough to have two of them. The first group is a mastermind with five amazing men. Yup, me and five men. They are my ‘brothers‘, and together we dance between ‘Keep up!’ and ‘We’ve got your back.’

My second mastermind is comprised of five amazing creatives. I was invited to join an accountability circle with five ‘sisters‘. I can be vulnerable, honest, real. I can blur the lines between my biggest fears and my greatest wins. They will cheer for me. They will pray for me. With them, I am incredibly LIFTED.


Photo credit: Bemoved Media

I feel lifted each and every time I spend time with Zephyr.

Zephyr is a 17-year-old Canadian mare and my best teacher. She has taught me so much about myself and how I trust, control, partner, react, give and receive.

I literally mount up and onto her, and she carries me. I trust her to carry me; but, I never take it for granted. It is a privilege. I could tell you that I make her carry me, but that would be a lie. I ask her to. I encourage her to. She weighs over 1,000 pounds, and I weigh less than 150. Miss Z and I have a special partnership, a special bond.

As I explore our relationship and how easy it (typically) is, I learn more about what I am looking for in my other partnerships as a leader heading into my 50th trip around the sun.

  1. A higher level of leadership requires us to be LIFTED.

I know what you are thinking: How dare she say that! I mean really. Isn’t it all about servant leadership and being of service? The answer is YES! But I wonder if there is an evolutionary sustainability piece that needs to be addressed.

Be curious. What might be possible if we lived from a place of:

  • ▶  I’ve got you.
  • ▶  I’m here to help.
  • ▶  I will carry you.
  • ▶  What can I do for you?
  • ▶  You are held. 

How might you lead at a higher level? Would we move, act and be more boldly? You know that saying, “What if you couldn’t fail?” Well, what if you were LIFTED HIGHER?

2.  To LIFT or To Be LIFTED.

As leaders always acting from that place of lifting others, it starts to feel heavy, hard, exhausting. Flip it around. If we felt supported and lifted, it would feel easy, light, buoyant. Possibility would be leveraged and potential unlimited. We would increase that 15%!

3. Gain LIFT-OFF to RISE!

What if I told you that your only job was to let go of all and anything that is heavy. No more heavy lifting! 

Begin by being LIFTED. Ask for it. Invite it. Acknowledge it. Feel it.

As we are LIFTED, we will LIFT others.

A natural result rather than a forced effort.

Our buoyancy is unstoppable, unsinkable. We rise. WE RISE!

Elevating those around us to a higher state of living, loving and leading.



Photo credit: Bemoved Media


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