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Sunday Shorts is a creative project dedicated to girls ages 8-14 or somewhere in that range. It will start as a blog series, most of which I’ll likely create a short audio clip of so our audience will have a choice of reading or listening or both. In time, my goal is for the Sunday Shorts series to become a mini-film series.

This week’s Sunday Short is dedicated to a young rockstar in my community who recently started playing hockey. She is 9 years old, and I think it’s pretty awesome that she is enjoying her new sport so far, especially on a co-ed team. Go, E, go!

There once was a young girl named Nika. She loved horses, playing sports, good books, close friends, and she laughed to laugh. Boy, did Nika love to laugh!

She lived in a small village and did not have many friends, but the friends she did have were super-nice and so much fun. They were a mix of various genders, cultures and backgrounds. That’s what made them so interesting!

Whether Nika was riding horses, playing sports or chasing her friends, she felt good when she giving it her all – full out and having fun. She was better at some things than others, but that didn’t matter.

She played to enjoy the experience of it…

The feel of wind on her face.

The smell of the rain in the air.

The sound of the birds in the trees.

The amazing sunset just before she said good-bye to her friends for another day…

Each night before she fell into bed, she looked up at the moon and paused to say thank you for another incredible day in paradise with her pals. “My life is such a Gift, said Nika, and I’m so grateful. Thank you.”

Nika is excited to share some of her adventures with you this year.

Thank you for being here. Stop by next week for our first adventure.

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