Builder of Strong Women Who Lead.

I am a proud Canadian woman with an Indigenous background.

I am a wife, step-mother, sister, aunt, great-aunt, niece, friend, volunteer, mentor and advocate of powHERful women.

I am a social impact entrepreneur, media visionary, author, speaker, community leader, economic development enthusiast and former Councillor for the Town of Gibsons in BC.

I am deeply convicted to move women forward as leaders, both personally and professionally, to help them stretch into their EPIC potential in business, leadership and life.

At my core, I am a woman who believes the stronger we feel in our bodies, the more positive and powerful we are in our lives.  I seek meaningful interactions that explore new conversations and possibilities, not repeating the ones we’ve had before:  powHER defined from an Indigenous perspective; the marriage of media + manifestation with change management to move women forward, faster; and the role of health, energy and vibrancy in attracting what we want and are ready for in our lives.  

In 2000, I set out to change that when I left my corporate role as National Marketing Manager for an independently owned investment firm.  My curiosity led me to build a House for powHERful women where purpose-driven conversation, high-calibre connection, and the creation of powHERful publications and partnerships has fueled my entrepreneurial efforts ever since.

View my Speaker’s Profile:  2019 Speakers Kit for Charlene SanJenko

View my Current CV here.

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