PowHERhouse is coming up to our seventh anniversary as a social impact organization in early October, and I recently celebrated 20 years as an Indigenous Founder and purpose-driven entrepreneur this past July.

There are many things that I’m deeply proud of and grateful for, including our connections with 12,000+ women, our growing subscriber base of 3,000+, 750 program participants we’ve worked with, 1,800+ guests welcomed to our gatherings, and 100+ corporate and academic partners we’d have the pleasure of collaborating with.

It’s always been about quality over quantity for me. Numbers matter, obviously. But beyond the numbers, then what? Whenever I get the chance to speak with an emerging or transitioning entrepreneur, innovator, or leader, I always offer this insight:

“Get uber-clear about the experience you most want for your life ten years from now. Then walk towards that experience steadily every single day.”

Your business (or corporate role) is your current vehicle or expression of the life you say you want. Ensure you can draw a straight line between who you show up as every day, and what you say you want.

I wake up each morning excited to walk beside my team towards the change we are looking to make for HER using the vehicle of impact media production.

I LOVE the vehicle we’ve built!

Most importantly, I model a path of possibility for HER where Indigenous values lead each decision, where you can bring your whole Self to all that you do, and where deliberate weaving is embodied as we grow stronger, together.

#familyfirst #morethanmoney #impactmedia #shine

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About Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 20+ years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.