How Hungry Are YOU For The WIN?

Athletes undergo rigorous training, dialed in nutrition, mental preparation, quality supplementation, consistent bodywork, adequate hydration, rest, and recuperation to ensure they bring ALL of themselves at their optimal performance to each and every game.

Their talent, discipline and dedication to a hardcore work ethic is rewarded with sizable contracts, sponsor endorsements, fan loyalty, even celebrity status.

Over and over again, day after day, week after week, their regime yields results. The performance bar is continually raised both on and off the competitive field.  Success, traction, fruition, and top-notch delivery are the name of this game, and athletes understand their success and sustainability are directly related to their consistent Practice (regime) to unleash their fullest potential.

Where is the parallel in business? In leadership?

Who are our shining examples of Leader Athletes?

Who is bringing their ABSOLUTE BEST to the game of entrepreneurship, innovation in business, and social impact?

Let’s take it step-by-step, and you’ll see that the comparison to Leader Athletes holds the key to the results and resilience we’re all after.  The question is:  How Hungry Are YOU For The Win?

Rigorous Training

You may wonder how rigorous training applies to you as a leader.  I’m not only talking about professional training, I’m talking about physical training.  There are many health benefits related to training but I will focus on the leadership benefits:

  • Regular physical exercise makes you a more resilient leader.  Having the discipline to get up each morning and self-inflict a challenge that causes you to dig deep and show up fully in order to complete it prepares you to be on the top of your game for the rest of your day.
  • Let’s face it, being a leader is tough.  It starts with owning it.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  Be a Braveheart.  Start each day with a Warrior Workout, feeling strong and confident in your body and your life.  It’ll carry through the rest of your day.

Dialed-In Nutrition

There is a ton of research about the importance of proper nutrition for your health, wellness, and longevity.  I’m going to focus on Dialed-In Nutrition for Strong Leaders.  It boils down to this:  ENERGY IN = ENERGY OUT.

  • If you are fueling yourself with quality fuel, your energy, performance, clarity, and aptitude will shine through in spades.
  • It amazes me how many professionals endeavour to rock a sales trip or land an important account heading into it with sub-quality fuel or no fuel.  If they are lucky, they pull it off, but it isn’t sustainable.  Soon exhaustion, illness, cravings, and even depression set in.  Soon you fall into the hamster wheel of always playing ‘catch-up’ (coffee to wake-up, sugar to ‘get’ energy).
  • Leader Athletes train hard, eat well, and bring it ALL to the game.  It’s their Practice.

Mental Prep

I’m not talking about meeting prep; I’m talking about mental prep: visualization, mindfulness, and presence.

  • Our mind is completely inundated and obliterated on a daily basis with a never-ending stream of incoming messages, tough decisions, and challenging conversations.
  • The demands of what a leader is expected to know, do, manage, remember, and handle continue to rise, yet many haven’t adjusted their mental Practice to meet (and crush) these increasing demands. #pressurecooker
  • Athletes know the value of mental training whether it is the power of visualization, the ability to focus through regular meditation, or finding their edge and leveraging their flow through the discipline of absolute presence.

Leader Athletes shine above the crowd with their mental attitudes, their ability to lead from a grounded, positive place, and fully show up being all of who they need to be, leading how they need to lead – consistently – day after day!

Quality Supplementation

Athletes understand the value of quality supplementation.  Supplements only make sense once you have your eating where it needs to be.  It doesn’t replace this important step, it ‘supplements’ it.

For female Leader Athletes, three supplements that I would definitely speak to my healthcare professional about would be:

  1. Iron.  Have a read through this PowHERhouse article and watch this video interview of Dr. Seema Kanwal.
  2. Protein.
  3. Moringa.

Other valuable ‘supplements‘ that I personally wouldn’t live without:

  1. Mentors.
  2. Workout Accountability Buddies.
  3. Naps.

Consistent Bodywork

Our body is our vehicle for this lifetime.  If it shuts down, we shut down.

It always astonishes me when I see Leaders ignoring their bodies until the point it is forced to send a warning signal – a heart attack, fatigue, digestive health challenges…

Athletes fully appreciate the value of their bodies in their careers, but do we?

Prevention is preservation and preservation is power!

There are various modalities available to optimize your health and body care from Naturopathic Health to Massage, Acupuncture to Reflexology – just to name a few.  Don’t wait until it becomes necessary for pain management.  Be proactive with your body, energy, longevity, and performance.


Did you know that if you are not properly hydrated, your body cannot properly absorb the nutrients you are eating?  Repeat after me:  Nutrients are wasted without adequate water.

When I think of Athlete Leaders, they are hyper-sensitive to where they may also be leaking energy, spinning their wheels, and not fully getting the traction they so deserve.  Three areas come to mind:

  • Follow-up
  • Isolation, duplication, replication
  • Over-talking and under-listening


Athletes value their rest and recuperation.  They know it is the body’s opportunity to repair and grow.  They understand that it is vitally important and directly linked to their passion, sustainability, and longevity as a top performer.  Athlete Leaders also understand the key importance of rest and recuperation.  They view self-care as a necessity not a luxury.

In a world that moves faster and faster each day, where decisions are complex and often contentious, where priorities endlessly stack up and fight for rank, Leader Athletes value the importance of leading from a grounded, positive, proactive, and creative place – a place that is nurtured through self-care.

Our best learning and greatest results will come when we stop holding our worlds apart.  Integration is key.  Lifestyle + Leadership, integrated. PowHERhouse is always on standby as a real, relevant, and relatable media source, with solutions for a stronger body, business, and life for Leader Athletes.

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