Top 50 Highlights of the First 50 Years

I thought this would be an interesting exercise. Could you summarize your top 50 highlights of your first 50 years? As a progressive visionary who is always looking forward, it’s good for me to reflect back and celebrate.

Today feels like a fine day to do so!

  1. Being thrown way UP in the air – way UP – and then caught again
  2. Finally getting to go to school – thanks Mrs. O’Neil! Bowron Lake camping with my family and neighbours, Camero rides, motor bikes, snowmobiles and so much more!
  3. School trips to Adams Lake, band tours and full-out floor hockey games
  4. Playing a double-duet in concert with Mrs. P and Chelan
  5. Various singing, acting & speaking opportunities throughout grade school
  6. Saving up and getting my horse, Tiffany Dawn
  7. Grade 10 valedictorian recognition and ceremony
  8. Laker-chasing with Lana, Joey & Debz
  9. Roomie shenanigans in a four-plex
  10. Meeting David and moving to Cowtown – first huge leap of faith!
  11. Joining a cruise ship and travelling/working in the E. Caribbean – second leap of faith! Reading Celestine Prophecy and meeting Maggie
  12. Moving to Vancouver with my brother and his girls and starting to work for Gordie – third leap of faith!
  13. Meeting Kimmy and doing ‘Body4Life’ with Suzanne
  14. My first bodybuilding show in 1997
  15. Meeting my best friend, Morghan, and learning to meditate
  16. Training at Gator’s Gym and going to the Gator’s Classic – seeing pro’s for the first time. Huge, crazy, fun!
  17. Promotion to National Marketing Manager
  18. Leaving solid corporate career in 2000 to start my social impact business before I even knew there was a term for it – fourth leap of faith!
  19. Ultimate Possibility work with Kathy T – clarity and affirmation
  20. Training, fun, friendships and working at FQ with the three amigos
  21. Meeting Big Al and many fond memories of NW – gym, Quay, Carnarvon
  22. Second bodybuilding show in 2001
  23. Meeting Des and training with her
  24. Meeting Jock and enjoying our sushi/manifestation dates
  25. Starting my clothing line and fashion show DT
  26. Photoshoot on Stanley Park seawall with Stacey BH
  27. Vegas trip to watch Des on-stage and see Ronnie Coleman – “Who Let the Dogs Out?!!!”
  28. Hawaii trip for Mike & Sue’s wedding with Big Al
  29. Meeting Ben, fun summer with Willow, and moving to English Bay – fifth leap of faith
  30. Crazy Pantomime – The Three Muskateers – singing & dancing as one of the French maids
  31. Moving to Sunshine Coast and opening Sunshine Fitness – sixth leap of faith – 12-week transformations with clients
  32. Competitor’s Club with Katie, Reesa, Ainsley, Dawna & Carol and Sea Cavalcade Float; Emerald Cup weekend to watch Brainsley compete, drink Lindeman’s fruit beer and post a front double-bi with Gunther S!
  33. NYC trips with Ben – AH-mazing!
  34. Bodybuilding shows in 2005/2006
  35. West Coast Trail adventure with Dave & Jac
  36. First Puerto Morelos trip – Louise, Mina, Ivan, Archelia, Marco – and many, many more to follow to our ‘second home’
  37. Blanket Parties for women
  38. INFUSION Sunshine Coast
  39. Moving to Soames Point – our oceanfront oasis with Curly-Sue
  40. Running for and being elected to Gibsons Council (2011-2018) and working with my dream team
  41. Bodybuilding Show in 2012
  42. PowHERtalks, PowHERtv & PowHERlunches
  43. Reconnecting with Arlene, my birthmom
  44. Reconnecting with Helen, my ‘2nd mom’
  45. Seattle weekends with Ben and friendship with Lee & Nancy
  46. Zephyr – my greatest teacher – and memorable rides with Sue, T (squared), B, ‘the girls’ and Mr. Monster!
  47. Bowen weekend with Christina & Tina – life-changing
  48. Penny, my ‘forever Jeep’!
  49. Regina Accelerator prep + anticipation
  50. Today: Morning of my 50th – reflection and gratitude.  What a ride!

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