TIME Magazine | “Women Changing the World”

Running an organization that claims media’s power to mobilize women forward – faster – as leaders is not for the faint of heart.

I recently received huge confirmation from TIME Magazine that we’re on the right track, and that feels amazing!

TIME Magazine was founded in 1923 and has the world’s largest circulation for a weekly news magazine.  That’s impressive!  What I find even more impressive occurred in 2013 when Nancy Gibbs was named the first editor-in-chief.  WOW! That only took 90 years.  Nancy first joined TIME in 1985 and in the Fall of 2017 announced the end of her journey with TIME.  Before leaving, Nancy created a one-of-a-kind special edition of TIME entitled, Women Changing the World.

“Our goal with this book and the extraordinary project on TIME.com is for every woman and girl to find someone who moves them, to find someone whose presence in the highest reaches of success says to them that it is safe to climb, come on up, the view is spectacular!”

When you SEE evidence carried out by a media icon such as TIME that supports the essence of your work in the world, you stop and acknowledge it.

I’ve been building and leading PowHERhouse for the past five years, a national women’s media organization in Canada with a strong focus on social impact, providing a supportive ecosystem that creates positive systemic change in the lives of girls and women while acting as an educational and economic driver.

We build strong women who lead by elevating media’s role in our lives to move women forward, faster through publications, partnerships, well-curated online content + live events:

  • Media is a powerful mirror.  As women see themselves portrayed in a printed, digitally published or filmed interview, they begin to recognize the leader they truly are and step into it more fully.  This is me!
  • Profiling positive role models demonstrate what IS possible.  This is the angle of TIME’s media initiative, and I support it wholeheartedly.  PowHERhouse Portraits showcase real, relevant and relatable Canadian role models who are just a few miles or chapters ahead of our readers, followers and event attendees.  Their stories inspire women to action because they represent what is possible and also make it believable.  If you see it, you can be it!
  • If you were not called, you wouldn’t be compelled.  A lesson taught to me by a mentor, Suzanne West, a true Canadian PowHERhouse who will never be forgotten.  An vital aspect of our work encourages women to listen – to truly listen for that that calling, to turn down the noise, tune it in and turn inward, getting crystal-clear on what they are READY for next and never lose our hunger to live the EPIC life we were born to live at our highest potential for our greatest good.

The world is demanding nothing less.

Where can you connect with PowHERhouse next?  WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Calgary Accelerator, April 11-15, 2018.

Visit us online at powHERhouse.com

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About Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 20+ years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. www.powherhouse.com