A RADICAL SHIFT IN WEIGHT LOSS | Letting Go of All that is Heavy

I’m ready to have a heart-to-heart about weight loss. You in?

I hope to shine a new perspective on a topic that has consumed far too much brain space, primarily for women, for as long as I can remember.

I grew up with a mother who was self-conscious about her weight.

Anyone relate? Diets came and went. I quickly learned that if you want to lose weight, you need to go on a diet. At least that was what was modeled to me.

Thank goodness I became a gym rat when I was 19 which kept me sane – and for the most part – my weight and health stable.

Over half a lifetime ago, hard to believe, and I am still training with weights a minimum of three days per week while trying to convince my body that it loves to run!

Now approaching 50, please allow me to shed a little light on this topic:

▶  Calorie restriction is believed to extend our life span and our health span. Weight loss shouldn’t be our primary reason for calorie restriction. We’re missing the point here.

“I agree whole heartedly weight loss is not the point. The goal is to feel well and full of vitality. Not only eat less, but also increase cardio vascular activity, ie, burn what you do eat. Not to mention all the other health benefits to cardio exercise.
Eat whole foods, avoid processed foods, eat on the outside aisles of the grocery store, avoid the inside aisles! Keep it simple:
  • #1 Reduce or avoid all flour products; and,
  • #2 Increase vegetables, lightly cooked, 60% of your plate, 5 different kinds per day.
Remember, weight gain may be because you are not digesting food or assimilating well, leaving your body feeling hungry.

▶  VITALITY. Keeping our life force strong and our blood flow maximized is believed to be the key to a long and healthy life. Vitality is my #1 goal.

▶  When we put the body in a place of being uncomfortable, we help it generate ‘survivor’ genes. Restricting calories, exercising safely but beyond what we might feel is possible, and enduring extreme changes in temperature (cold-water dips followed by a hot shower) are all said to be linked to strengthening our life force.

“Regular short fasts mimics the hunter-gatherer lifestyle by introducing periods of food scarcity in between periods of food abundance. This gives our body an evolutionary advantage by stimulating our metabolism and gut microbiome to become more flexible and adaptive.
Giving our gut regular resting windows helps us digest food and burn calories more efficiently, and allow the gut time to heal. Sometimes doing less amounts to a whole lot more.”
Janna Shapero
Registered Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Heath Practitioner

These are important physical components, but we need to go further because we are not only physical beings.

If we are looking for a radical shift in weight loss, we also need to address emotional components.

If I asked you, “What would life look like if you let go of ALL that is heavy?“, what would you say? Think about it.

What is holding you down at this time? Here is where some quiet introspection, deep reflection and brutal honesty need to occur.

Doing this work ain’t easy. It’s much, much easier to keep busy and stay focused on all of the external factors and priorities that suck up our time, energy, attention and focus, but until you do, healing won’t occur.

This the ‘Growing Roots‘ phase, vital to a solid foundation. It takes time, plays havoc with our patience, and must be approached with a deep sense of trust because we can’t actually ‘see’ anything happening.

This is when we need to starting tuning into how we feel and less to how we look. On my own journey of letting go all that is heavy, here’s what ‘Growing Roots‘ has looked like over the past few years.

▶  Family healing: I’ve made a number of deliberate decisions and taken the action necessary to put pieces of my story, culture + heritage, family – my heart and soul – back into place. In doing so, I am in the process of letting go of an overwhelming amount of unconscious grief and sadness. Lighting up in progress.

▶  Framing up my focus: Last October I completed a community leadership commitment. After a seven-year contribution, it feels great to regain not only time and energy but also to realign my focus on fewer priorities.

The distillation of FOCUS and elimination of distractions from anything not aligned with our highest sense of purpose should be every leader’s goal.

It’s not an easy feat when many are vying for our time and attention, but I believe there is only one primary purpose we were born to carry out in this lifetime. I believe that our life is about exploring that. Yes, feeling lighter again.

  Ditching non-reciprocal relationships: This may sound harsh, but over the past 12-24 months, I’ve re-evaluated my relationships. I performed a tough analysis of how each one made me feel. Was it providing me with energy, buoyancy + value or simply taking of my energy, resources + value?

Did it feel reciprocal? If the answer was no, I ditched it. Heaviness aborted.

I’m not sure why, but there’s an unnatural and unhealthy amount of focus on physical weight loss techniques. We’ve dissected this topic to the nth-degree rather than choosing to keep it simple, consistent and a what it is – part of the conversation.

Okay, final stop. If we are truly letting go of all that is heavy, we’ve got to explore whatever we might be holding onto in terms of spiritual components.

Do you ever pause long enough to consider what these components might be?

One of my favourite questions to the leaders I work closely with is, “What do you stand for?

It sounds like a simple question but it is fully loaded.

Can you clearly articulate what is truly important to you, your core values, why you’re here, and the ultimate legacy you are looking to leave behind?

Knowing your place in this world, owning a well-defined sense of purpose, and having a supportive crew who holds you accountable allows us to free up space by letting go of heavy, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that tend to sound like:

I don’t belong.

▶  I’m not worthy.

No one cares.

If you are ready for a radical shift in weight loss that reaches beyond keto, counting carbs, and obsessing over protein sources, I encourage you to reach out to me at PowHERhouse.com.

A House of Leaders for world-class impact.

We’re lightening up, and ready to S-O-A-R!

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