The Movement to Mobilize Women to Lead in Canada Needs SPECIFICITY!

If we are truly committed to moving women forward in Canada as leaders, we must set a specific goal with a deadline and just get on with it.

A Call-Out to High-Powered Female Leaders!

It is up to us to lead the charge…

Our lack of specificity continues to leave us floundering around this topic, lacking consistent and measurable progress.  Treat this goal as we do our profit goals: set a strategy with a deadline, execute it, and realize the traction we’ve been talking about for as long as I can remember.

“Why isn’t the conversation in Canada about, hey, we’re going to own the podium on women in business and women entrepreneurs, and let’s just get on it and go for it …. And why wouldn’t we, as a group of leaders – men and women – right now say that by 2025 we’ve got this, we’ve grown the most businesses owned by women, we’ve got the most scaled-up businesses by women, and let’s just get on it.”

Dawn Farrell, CEO, TransAlta Corp.,

Council Member, Canada-United State Council for

Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

According to an RBC study, increasing the number of women-owned small- and medium-sized enterprises by just 10% could add $198 billion to the Canadian economy.

Let’s take this one step further:  Increase the number of women in key leadership positions across Canada by just 10%, and watch our nation soar! 

Key leadership positions as decision-makers in government, leading business, on executive teams or boards… Influencers.

We can`t look at one sustainability pillar in isolation.  Resources invested in women by those who care about our national economy, social values, and environmental future just makes sense:  Mobilize the potential of half of your population that is currently under-represented, and you mobilize the unrealized potential of your country.

In my opinion, a focus on women is one of the smartest moves we could make and should make as a nation.  And this focus must be lead by women.  If we want things to change, we must be willing to lead that change.

With this focus must come specificitySet a specific goal with a deadline and get on with it!

What is the goal that I am putting forward as the Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse?

To increase the number of women in key leadership positions by 10% by 2025.

This is the level of specificity I am committed to in the conversations I am engaging in with key decision-makers who are ready to listen and who have set a strategic priority around the advancement of women in Canada.

What are YOU ready for?

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About Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 20+ years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.


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