Welcoming the Call to Action of Climate Change

It’s getting HOT.

Not only temperatures, but also tempers, moods, and mental states.

They’re RISING.

Not only water levels, but levels of fear, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

It’s stressful.

Or is it? Do we view stress as debilitating or a challenge – an opportunity – to explore and unleash more of our innate, dormant potential and create a systemic overhaul of solutions-focused transformation?

🔥 WHAT IF we are living in the time of our greatest ever opportunity?

🔥 WHAT IF everything we are currently experiencing is an invitation, a calling to us – all of us – for better where better means different?

🔥 WHAT IF we welcomed the call to action collectively that climate change represents?

This article is not a technical compilation or expert opinion piece on the current condition of climate change. Rather, it is my personal perspective of what our current situation could represent.

I remember Oprah saying once, “Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper. Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream.”

What we are experiencing now is a scream. But I don’t believe it is a scream of desperation. It’s a scream to pay attention, an invitation to live so much more, an invitation to go for GOLD.

Most of you know, I come from an athletic background. Let’s imagine that I am your Coach for The Leader Olympics over the next decade, and we are going for GOLD!

The Yerkes performance vs anxiety model

Are we allowing our current situation to call us to action and up-level our performance – our way of living, leading and  loving – or are we allowing it to stress us out, falling into a state of despair, disbelief, and inaction?

Situations cause dis-stress when received with a passive response aka asleep at the wheel.

Situations can also serve to shake us awake – wide awake, fully awake – ALIVE and ready to stoke the fire that is the Gift of our life.

Big Potential lies before US

In his book, Big Potential, Author and Research Expert Shawn Achor, shares that when we – as individuals, leaders, and parents – chase only individual achievement, we leave vast sources of potential untapped. But once we put “others” back into the equation, and work to make others better, we ignite a Virtuous Cycle of cascading successes that amplify our own.

🔥 Our path forward to the ‘system that can cure’ our current situation as Paul Hawkin describes it is a collective path.

🔥 The entire purpose of our current situation is to unify humanity and up- level society; how we live, how we lead, how we love. It’s time to fire-up our collective common denominators.

🔥 Think about it: elite athletes could view the Olympics, Tour de France, Stanley Cup finals, or championship games of the Grey Cup or Super Bowl as far too stressful for top performance. Or, they could view these opportunities as the challenge of competition they have been training their entire lives for.

Waking Up to The Challenge, The Leader Olympics…

If the next decade is The Leader Olympics, what have you been training for? For 10 years+ there has been a concentrated effort in the (women’s) leadership space; a decade-long training camp. Guess what? No more training.

The Olympics are here. It’s game day.

Time to put all of that valuable training into intentional action.

You wouldn’t see Athletes headed to the Olympic Games in show-shoes. Yet we continue to try to ‘fix‘ the ‘problem‘ of climate change rather than focusing on where it started – US.

We don’t need more Wounded Leaders. We need more Healed Heroes.

Let’s imagine that I am your Coach for The Leader Olympics over the next decade, and we are going for GOLD!

[Author’s note: Just so we’re all clear, GOLD = Up-levelled holistic systemic change in how we live, lead and love.]

The #1 component of our Whole Leadership training would be INTENTIONALITY:

  • Dynamic, deliberate decisions
  • Conscious, purpose-driven action
  • A daily practice of positive and proactive commitment

Our going-for-gold training strategy will include these five stages of progressive performance:

Attention:  Focus your attention on what truly matters. Call out distractions for what they really are, distractions.

Ask:  Ask yourself what #10PercentMORE could look like? #10%MORE commitment, #10PercentMORE intention, #10PercentMORE truth, #10PercentMORE kindness #10PercentMORE presence, #10PercentMORE greatness, #10PercentMORE …

Align:  Align your actions, decisions, relationships, and attitude with what it is you say you want. Let this congruent alignment be so powerfully obvious that it attracts what you are ready for next.

Allow:  Allow it to unfold bigger,  bolder,  braver than you ever imagined. Expect it to involved getting pushed beyond your comfort zone into the unknown where a healthy dose of fiery faith is a must.

Activate:  Activate and re-activate your conviction to the process in a tangible, tactile and empowering way that stokes your fire. Motivation, inspiration, fulfillment and happiness aren’t assumed. They are consistently cultivated.

When we – the collective WE – bring home the GOLD, our current situation and the situation of our Home (Mother Earth), will change.

This result or outcome is possible by focusing on what has caused the current situation in the first place rather than trying to ‘fix’ the symptoms we currently experiencing all around us. The purpose of these symptoms is to call us higher.

We don’t need more wounded leaders.

We need more healed heroes.

Let’s Go for GOLD!

Reference credit:  Harvard Business Review

The opinions and views expressed in this article represent those of the author and in no way represent the views, opinions, or positions of PowHERhouse partners, sponsors or supporters.

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