My Christmas Wish 2021 for ChangeMakers

“Our choices won’t change until we truly believe a more compelling story. And as much as we want to, the world won’t change until we ourselves become active participants in the expansion of consciousness and the restoration of healing of all things.” – Richard Rohr

My Christmas wish in 2021 for ChangeMakers is that we truly believe a more compelling story awaits us. This story is hopeful, expansive, and just beyond the loop likely running through our heads currently. Here are a few of the main components of this new narrative:

Future Forward: The experience we are creating for ourselves lies in where our attention is now – and now – and now. Allow the past to be the past. I dare you to play more fully into 2022 and recognize that each future moment is a brand new opportunity unfolding with hope, possibility, and potential.

Our Ever-Expanding Universe: We live in an expanding galaxy. Are we as inhabitants of this galaxy also expanding? I’m not talking about our physical atoms or our weight on the scale after the holidays, I’m talking about our life experience as human beings. It is odd to me to consider that our experience wouldn’t also be an expansive one in an environment that is ever-expanding.

Higher Highs and Lower Lows: Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve danced around the concept of dichotomy not wanting to fully accept it as my reality – good and evil, black and white, up and down, left and right, right and wrong, dead and alive, rich and poor, fast and slow, empty and full, strong and weak, hungry and full – even though I continually find ample examples of it. My point of view, ‘meet in the middle and find balance’, always felt fairer to me. Since my mid-twenties, I have been exploring a global shift in consciousness. Now I am curious if these these two seemingly unrelated pieces may be part of a larger interconnected puzzle.

Practical leadership practices. Where do we go from here?

Let’s stop expecting broken leaders to make better decisions and put our focus on the healing that needs to happen and encouraging more wholeness in leaders.

  • Ask different questions.
  • Lighten your grip. Unclench your jaw. Breathe.
  • Implement a future-forward focus framework infused with faith (not frigidity!). Stay tuned for my New Year’s article.

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Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 20+ years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.