Recently announced innovation superclusters are predicted to grow Canada’s economy by over $50 billion dollars in the next decade and add 50,000 middle-class jobs.

Superclusters are bright.  They’re formed when clusters of galaxies group together.  In innovation terms, superclusters are ‘hotbeds designed to energize the economy and become engines of growth’.

Imagine taking this same approach to rocket more women to senior leadership positions.  I believe we’re just a few degrees away from finding a solution to an issue that’s been ‘talked about’ for decades.

A recent Federal Government announcement confirmed that $950 million will be pumped into five superclusters as follows:

The Ocean supercluster based in Atlantic Canada will use innovation to improve competitiveness in ocean-based industries, including fisheries, oil and gas and clean energy;

The Scale AI supercluster in Quebec will work on building intelligent supply chains through artificial intelligence and robotics;

The Advanced Manufacturing supercluster in Ontario will connect technology strengths to the manufacturing industry to prepare for the economy of tomorrow;

The Protein Industries supercluster in the Prairies will work on making the country a leading source of plant proteins;

The Digital Technology supercluster in British Columbia will use big data and digital technologies to unlock new potential in important sectors like healthcare, forestry, and manufacturing.

Successful applicants will receive between $150 million and $250 million each and are required to match the funding they receive.

A few reasons why I’m most excited about these superclusters, along with my vision for another supercluster in the next round of federal funding (2024) are as follows.

  • They encourage active collaboration with multiple diverse strategic partners.
  • Funding must be matched dollar for dollar, representing joint responsibility – an industry-driven public/private partnership – for a very specific purpose.
  • They encourage innovation and action.

IMAGINE… a supercluster designed to rocket more women into more leadership roles – in organizations, on boards, in politics, and leading in global business headquartered in Canada.

Here are just a few ideas to percolate on…

IMAGINE… The Women Built2Scale supercluster integrates innovative strategies from around the globe to exponentially leverage and catapult career success of women in Canada.

IMAGINE… This supercluster convenes both male and female key decision-makers from a diverse stakeholder group, each partner holding important pieces of this puzzle, including:

  • Women’s advocacy organizations;
  • Academia;
  • Media; and,
  • Canadian corporations and brands ready to commit a percentage of their marketing, advertising and sponsorship dollars to make a difference.

IMAGINE… A Canada that is a recognized champion for women leaders, applauded for its remarkable progress in achieving gender equality in careers of all kinds and the positive impact this progress has on our economy.

IMAGINE… More women modeling what it is to live, learn and lead from a powerful place in their daily lives.

Meet PowHERhouse.  We’re on it.

1.  We are BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and trust with key leaders and decision-makers within strategic stakeholder groups.

2.  We are demonstrating AN INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY that will yield results.

3.  We are developing a NATIONAL COMMUNICATION PLATFORM that consistently convenes stakeholders on a regular basis – both live and digitally.

PowHERhouse. We’re preparing to build Canada’s next supercluster, using media to mobilize more women to lead.  Learn more about us here.

Are YOU ready to join us?  Let us know!

Watch for my next Women Built2Scale article in this supercluster series as we continue to discuss how PowHERhouse is preparing.  Learn more about the End Game we envision to build strong women, families and communities with tangible goals, specific targets and transparent reporting, along with the consistent action we are taking at this time.

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About Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 20+ years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.