Why a FireCircle?

Why a FireCircle?

Activating our braid of interconnectedness-in-action is how we move forward and upward as a society with greater ease and efficiency to re-imagine and re-build the systems of sustainability most needed at this time.

On November 6th, we hosted FireCircle 2020, an intentional morning gathering with a diverse cross-section of leaders who are ready to lead differently in their own lives and within their sphere of influence.

Here is why we do what we do.

Humans need to experience intentional space to heal.

I’ve often said, “We don’t need more broken leaders, we need more healed heroes.” I love this quote by Margaret Wheatley…

“I’ve come to see that people need visionary leaders. Not charismatic demi-gods or Masters of the Universe, but people they trust because they embody that values and qualities we’re working toward. Leaders don’t have to be perfect, and it helps to make one’s personal struggles and challenges visible. But people need to see what is possible. That it is possible to live with integrity. That humans can still live and work well together. That we still can behave as human human beings… This is why we need leaders…”

Deliberate weaving leverages intentional action.

The challenges we are facing in the 21st century will not be solved in silos.

The need for deliberate weaving is deep and obvious. Deliberately weaving our collective energy, attention, and intention, harnessing parallel yet diverse wisdom, experience, reputations, and connections. The time for purposeful cross-pollination, cross-sector, multi-disciplinary collaboration for reconciliation-in-action is now.

Deliberate weaving begins when we gather to practice deep listening, courageously touching the pain points, and are willing to take off the blinders to bravely call out our blind spots in order to avoid repeating past patterns.

But why a FireCircle?

Indigenous teachings tell us that the gift of Fire is the giver of new life and is often associated with fertility. Fire is the element that requires the utmost care and attention since it can bring new life and take life away. The element of fire provides the gifts of all sources of energy to her children.*

For me personally, fire symbolizes the ultimate journey of expansion of our greatest Gift – LIFE! – from ignition to purposeful activation to amplification – spreading hope and possibility like wildfire. And so we gather, and we will continue to gather because gathering is needed now:

An in-depth and interactive FireCircle experience that models whole-self leadership, group listening, and collective wisdom gathering; a process of asking, answering, and implementing to bring the leaders of today through the fire of our times.

PowHERhouse produces and hosts FireCircle gatherings each Spring and Fall.

Our FireCircle model and methodology are also available for hire, partnering with like-minded industry, government, and private organizations.

*source: https://www.afn.ca/honoring-fire/

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