WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | Suzanne

December 11, Love Letter 11 of 25.


SHE. Believed in my potential.

A head-hunter in the mid-’90s.

SHE. Saw beyond my streaked blond hair and Caribbean suntan.

She took the time to SEE this 20-something energizer bunny.

SHE. Listened with more than her ears.

Opening doors to access my future path.

SHE. Placed me into an industry I loved.

Working with a man whom I grew to love.

Her belief in me extended beyond my own.

SHE. Modelled what I would later do for others.

SHE held space for me to grow into all of who I was here to become.

My love letter to SHE. Head-hunter Suzanne.

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