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December 6, Love Letter 6 of 25.


SHE. She called me, Angel.

She saw my shine and encouraged it more brightly.

SHE. An uninhibited goddess on the ivories.

Her gift as a pianist gave us a transformative experience of life through her music.

SHE. Believed in me and my gifts. “Beau-ti-ful, beau-ti-ful, beau-ti-ful day.”

And in her belief, I found my own, or was at least willing to explore it.

SHE. Awoke my passion, an escape as notes came alive.

SHE. Through a Hungarian Rhapsody, taught me the value of collaboration.

Just one of five sets of hands playing simutaneously, a small part of a much greater whole. “Huckle-berry, huckle-berry, huckle-berry, pie.”

SHE. Drumming on her pot to the beat, modelling values of discipline, consistency, and unobstructing creativity as vehicle to experience to true joy.

SHE was my piano teacher and so, so much more, Mrs. Potgieter.

My love letter to SHE.

Love Letters to SHE is a compilation of short expressions of gratitude to the women in my life who have changed the trajectory of my life.

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