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December 14, Love Letter 14 of 25.


SHE. My (former) competitive coach, Des.

She was someone who I knew of before I knew Her.

SHE. Encapsulated strength, class, consistency, and discipline.

I wanted more of Her in my life, even if it meant hard work.

SHE. Rep after rep, set after set, training for competition with hours of focus on form, fitness, and fun.

Her laugh was infectious; my only saving grace for a quick rest.

SHE. Taught me so much about all that is possible with a clear vision.

Balance, symmetry, shape, proportion … see it to be it!

All part of a much bigger deliberate creation conversation.

SHE. On the Ms. Olympia state, an unforgettable memory.

A mentor, competitive coach, and an amazing friend.

My love letter to SHE. My coach, Des.

Love Letters to SHE is a compilation of short expressions of gratitude to the women in my life who have changed the trajectory of my life.

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