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December 5, Love Letter 5 of 25.


SHE. My home away from home.

Just She, her dad, Brandy the dog, and me.

SHE. Made my laugh. Laugh, boy did we laugh.

Amidst wrestling, Supertramp, chips in bed, library visits, fried chicken, and Wendy’s dinners.

SHE. Brought joy. SHE. Held space. SHE. Listened.

The older sister I missed so badly. The older friend I’ll never forget.

SHE. Moved away when things changed.

SHE. Married and started a family of her own.

SHE. Meant the world to me at a time when the world felt so confusing.

SHE is was my childhood and forever friend, Lynnette.

My love letter to SHE.

Love Letters to SHE is a compilation of short expressions of gratitude to the women in my life who have changed the trajectory of my life.

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