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December 22, Love Letter 22 of 25


SHE. She is WE. We are three.

SHE. Tina, Christina, and me.

Stronger together, plugging in, powHERfully.

SHE. A braid of friendship, deliberately woven with each decision.

With choices are no longer for ME and only for US.

SHE. Walking together, stretching bravely into all of who we’ve here to be.

‘Showing Up to SHINE!’ intentionally and completely.

Ready for 50, taking center stage for HER.

SHE. A gift of understanding and acceptance beyond separateness.

Where harmony, unity, reverence, and collective expansion breathes together.

My love letter to SHE. To WE, Christina, Tina, and Me.

Love Letters to SHE is a compilation of short expressions of gratitude to the women in my life who have changed the trajectory of my life. Read more here.

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