WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | My Best Friend, Em

December 12, Love Letter 12 of 25.


SHE. My best friend, Em.

We’ve travelled the full spectrum of emotions and experiences in 25 years.

SHE. My first Big City ‘adult friend’, and I haven’t let her go since.

We met in a spa. My esthetician with healing hands, my Angel.

SHE. Looks like Disney’s Pocahontas.  It’s true, I swear.

Even more beautiful on the inside.

SHE. Sees my soul. It’s there we connect from lifetimes ago.

She taught me how to meditate.

Affirming so many things I was feeling.

SHE. Has never been far from my side,

Even when distance may keep us apart.

My love letter to SHE. My best friend, Em.

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