WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | Maggi

December 10, Love Letter 10 of 25.


SHE. A stranger on a cruise ship.

But not really a stranger.

SHE. Befriended a homesick Canadian in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean.

She took time to talk, share, listen, and just be a friend.

SHE. With a gorgeous smile and warm brown eyes.

Loved God and glowed with joy.

SHE. Opened her heart to welcome a new friend.

Helping a 23-year-old to find her feet amidst lots of questions.

Her kindness was never forgotten.

SHE. Embodied what was needed at that time.

SHE reminded me, we are part of something much bigger, much greater.

My love letter to SHE. Beautiful Maggi.

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