WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | The Raboch Sisters

December 7, Love Letter 7 of 25. WHO IS SHE? SHE. She is three. Three sisters. SHE. The Braid before I was old enough to understand. To understand that we’re stronger together than apart. SHE. Modelled harmony and happiness. With childhood memories of music, laughter, and silliness. SHE. Modelled confidence, care, and curiosity to a […]

WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | My Piano Teacher, Mrs. Potgieter

December 6, Love Letter 6 of 25. WHO IS SHE? SHE. She called me, Angel. She saw my shine and encouraged it more brightly. SHE. An uninhibited goddess on the ivories. Her gift as a pianist gave us a transformative experience of life through her music. SHE. Believed in me and my gifts. “Beau-ti-ful, beau-ti-ful, […]

WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | My Childhood Friend, ‘Net’

December 5, Love Letter 5 of 25. WHO IS SHE? SHE. My home away from home. Just She, her dad, Brandy the dog, and me. SHE. Made my laugh. Laugh, boy did we laugh. Amidst wrestling, Supertramp, chips in bed, library visits, fried chicken, and Wendy’s dinners. SHE. Brought joy. SHE. Held space. SHE. Listened. […]

WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | My 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. O’Neil

December 4, Love Letter 4 of 25. WHO IS SHE? SHE. Opened the door for my learning to come alive. Welcoming me to the classroom, early. SHE. Called me ‘her girl’. I would peer into school-room windows before even starting grade one. SHE. Noticed. SHE. Cared. SHE. Accepted. I craved so desperately to be one […]

WHO IS SHE? ❤️ Love Letters to SHE ❤️ | My Adopted Mother, Ruth

December 2, Love Letter 2 of 25. WHO IS SHE? SHE. Adopted me when she was 40 year old. Already with five children of her own. SHE. Took care of foster babies until they were adopted. I was four years old when adopted, and her last foster baby. SHE. Went to court to fight for […]

Why a FireCircle?

Why a FireCircle? Activating our braid of interconnectedness-in-action is how we move forward and upward as a society with greater ease and efficiency to re-imagine and re-build the systems of sustainability most needed at this time. On November 6th, we hosted FireCircle 2020, an intentional morning gathering with a diverse cross-section of leaders who are ready […]