SPARK POSSIBILITY | Stoke the Fire for Team Optimization

Where would you start to optimize the potential, performance and overall experience of employees and gain the greatest traction in the shortest period of time? I was recently asked this question and wanted to share my thoughts as they relate to Stage 1 of The Leader Path. Like any good fire, team optimization begins with […]

THE WHOLE TEAM | It’s not dodge ball, it’s life.

Do you remember picking teams in grade school? Maybe it was for baseball, soccer, floor hockey, or perhaps dodge ball, standing in a group of girls and boys waiting to be picked for a co-ed team. Do you remember? What do you remember? Let me tell you what I remember. Male A-players would get picked […]


The importance of a phrase originally coined by Bob Proctor and also used by leadership master, John Maxwell, ‘The legs of our legacy‘, was recently reinforced by an email I received from a Saskatchewan PowHERhouse who recently attended our Saskatoon PowHERlunch. The women attending these events are trying to convince themselves that they are worthy to […]

Flow-Based not Fear-Based | Is Mainstream Media Distracting Us From What We SAY We Want?

PROBLEM:  We lack bold, big-picture, courageous leaders ready to tackle in-our-face global problems. OBSERVATION:  These leaders are out there, but far too few are operating at their optimal potential. 70 per cent of employees are not showing up to work fully committed to delivering their best performance. 52 percent of those workers are basically sleepwalking through […]