Builder of Strong Women Who Lead.

I am a proud Canadian woman of First Nations origin.

I am a wife, step-mother, sister, aunt, great-aunt, niece, friend, volunteer, mentor and advocate of powHERful women.

I am a social entrepreneur, a publisher & producer, author, speaker, community leader, economic development enthusiast and second-term Councillor for the Town of Gibsons in BC.

At my core, I am a woman who believes the stronger we feel in our bodies, the more positive and powerful we are in our lives.  In fact, I believe one of the greatest factors holding women back both personally and professionally is a lack of integration between lifestyle management and leadership development.

In 2000, I set out to change that when I left my corporate role as National Marketing Manager for an independently owned investment firm.  My curiosity regarding the relationship between lifestyle + leadership has fueled my entrepreneurial efforts ever since.

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CATALYST | It’s what You DO, not what You SAY

An open letter to the leaders of Catalyst Canada Let’s talk about leading – leading by example.  I’ve read this week’s Catalyst announcement regarding the appointment of Victor Dodig as their new Board Chair.  Let me get this straight:  The Mission of Catalyst Canada is to ‘Accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion’. This is […]

INCLUSION | 5 Steps to ‘I Belong’

Inclusion.  A word being thrown around a whole lot these days. Organizations are prioritizing.  Governments are policy-making.  Consultants are gravitating.  My question is, what does inclusion look and feel like? How does it show up in your day-to-day life?  Keeping it real and relatable, it simply means, “I belong“.  Yes? I’d like to discuss active […]

How Hungry Are YOU For The WIN?

Athletes undergo rigorous training, dialed in nutrition, mental preparation, quality supplementation, consistent bodywork, adequate hydration, rest, and recuperation to ensure they bring ALL of themselves at their optimal performance to each and every game. Their talent, discipline and dedication to a hardcore work ethic is rewarded with sizable contracts, sponsor endorsements, fan loyalty, even celebrity […]

Rep It Out to Roar!

Repping it out to roar!  Preparing for canfitpro’s Women Who Influence luncheon, August 17th. Repetition.  Repetition.  Repetition. PowHERful leaders ready themselves to access their next opportunity through the practice of diligent repetition. In weight-training, gains are maximized by those who understand the value of repetition.  Weekly schedules prioritize consistency and repetition of workouts and meals that provide […]